I web development

I enjoy coding designs. Every design is an equation ready to be solved. Whether it is through established techniques or innovative ideas I work towards bringing designs and concepts to life.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Sass
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • PHP & Mysql
  • Git
  • Front-End
  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce


Hi! I'm José Guerra. A London based web developer who specializes in front-end and WordPress development. I am experienced with all stages of the development cycle.

As a web developer I code semantic HTML5, use SASS or CSS when necessary, build themes from scratch for WordPress and depending on the project I may use frameworks such as Bootstrap or other grid systems.

Related work summary


Web Developer

Xanda Ltd

Worked as a front-end and WordPress developer. Primary duties included coding pixel perfect designs into semantic HTML5/CSS, developing custom WordPress themes, updating existing themes and websites and communicating with the design and development teams. Additionally, provided client training.


Web Developer

Big Light

Contract work, hired on as a WordPress developer. Responsible for taking over an existing WordPress project, updating existing files and creating new interactivity.


Web Developer


Freelance work, contracted primarily for front-end and WordPress development. Responsible for updating various projects from landing pages to small multi-page websites and full cms sites.


Web Developer

GCO Studios

Worked freelancing from 2010 to 2017. Primary duty as a WordPress developer. Other duties included design work, client meetings/training, SEO and web hosting.


Web Developer


Worked primarly as a WordPress developer. Primary duties included updating existing sites, developing new sites and transferring sites between servers.

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